The Silver Lining

What I learned through being unwell~

During the process of recovery, I learned the value of trust and patience. I had to trust what at times I could not see. A metaphor that was given to me in the rewiring process was implementing the practice daily was like planting a seed. Every day, I was tending to this plant as a gardener would. And even though I could not see the flower beneath the soil, I could trust that the roots were taking hold in the soil. With time, I would see the physical changes appear as a result. There were many times that I couldn’t see immediate results in my retraining and had to rely on trust. It was not an overnight fix, but it without a doubt healed the cause of my suffering.

Often times I forget that I was ever unwell, and I think that this is the greatest blessing of all. The greatest gift is that my challenges are a distant memory and I can enjoy the sweetness of life.

To someone who is still suffering, I would urge you to give DNRS a chance. I am in the lucky position to regularly see others getting their lives back, and you could regain yours too!