How I Recovered

image-9Although I only initially began the Dynamic Neural Retraining System hoping to gain some foods back, I experienced a full recovery from all of the conditions listed here within 10 months. This was far beyond my wildest expectations.

The first changes I began to experience were emotional ones; I was a little bit more positive and for the first time, I had hope. The physical shift in symptoms came about two and a half months into implementing the program daily. I felt as though I had gone from having almost no physical changes to having a huge jump forward. This was exciting and propelled me forward in my limbic system retraining.

Starting to truly understand that my symptoms were simply my Limbic System trying to protect me, I began to slowly lose my fear of triggers (especially food, chemicals, and mold), and with this came more and more freedom. Recovery was not an overnight process. It came as an accumulation of small victories. Being able to walk into a home repair store, eat out at restaurants, and staying in other people’s homes were a few defining moments for me. It was exciting to be able to go to restaurants and order off the menu!


It took time and effort in implementing the program, and there were certainly ups and downs in the process. I dealt with a lot of skepticism in the first couple of months. I am a very analytical person, and while I knew the information and the science made sense, it was hard for me to grasp the fact that the retraining steps could create material changes in the brain and body. I also had to overcome the misconception that I was somehow different from others who had recovered.

My biggest defining moment came when I started to realize that the program might be able to help the neurological symptoms– short term memory and word recall problems, intermittent tingling and loss of motor control in my hands, and buzzing and sense of “noise” in my head. This “noise” felt like I was constantly living in a room that had multiple televisions switched on to different channels with the volume turned all the way up 24/7. It was around 6 months into my recovery that I started to believe that this too could be stemming from limbic system dysfunction and I began implementing the program around this condition. I remember the first time that I began to experience brief moments of quiet and stillness in my brain – it felt miraculous!

I am able to spend quality time with family and friends. I am fully recovered and am not limited in any way. I have been able to eat anything I want, travel by plane, order off of the menu in restaurants, stay the night in friends’ homes (even if they had air freshener plug-ins in every room of the house), and many more “normal” things that many take for granted. This program has been nothing short of a miracle in my life, and my greatest hope is to share my story with others who are experiencing similar health challenges. I feel lucky to be able to help others reclaim their lives as well as a DNRS Certified Coach.

If you would like to contact me, you can do so here. I will answer all the emails I can.