About DNRS

The Dynamic Neural Retraining System is a neuroplasticity-based approach to remapping chronic illness patterns in the brain associated with a maladapted fight or flight response. If the Limbic system in the brain (involved in the fight or flight response, sensory perception, emotion, motor function, and more) is damaged, it can become overprotective, and begin trying to protect you from innocuous stimuli.

DNRS speaks to this unconscious and primitive part of the brain in its own language through a combination of mindfulness based cognitive restructuring, emotional restructuring therapy, neural linguistic programming and incremental exposure and behavior modification therapy. With repetition, these exercises take the brain out of f/f and teach this part of the brain that the triggering stimuli is not a threat, and there’s no need to try to protect you in benign scenarios.

The program comes in different formats based on your needs. The 14-hour instructional video course comes in DVD, online, and live format.

Due to physical and financial limitations, I recovered with the instructional DVDs and coaching alone. Prior to beginning the DVD course, I read Annie Hopper’s book Wired for Healing to gain a better understanding of the science behind the program. It made perfect sense, and I wondered if it could apply to my situation, as I dealt with a lot of doubt in the early weeks of the program.

The book also contained testimonials of others who had fully recovered. These were so powerful for me – never in my life had I heard someone else tell my story. And these people fully recovered! It sparked hope in me. I no longer felt alone and unique, but rather one who had the possibility of a vibrantly healthy future ahead.

In January of 2017 I began the instructional DVDs. It was at this time that I really began to gain an understanding of how a limbic system impairment can manifest, and how through neuroplastic approaches, how this faulty wiring in the brain can be redirected to form healthy, alternative circuitry. I began my hour of practice daily. To read more about this progression, visit recovery page and photo gallery.

I also gathered inspiration and motivation from the DNRS online Community Forum. While I didn’t contribute much, I regularly read through other’s successes and recoveries and this in turn pushed me to do my limbic system retraining exercises on days where motivation was low. As of today, I have been fully recovered for a year and a half!